About not giving up and believing

I first thought about my trajectory of life at the moment I received the invitation to participate in this edition of International Women’s Day.

I am from Pernambuco State; I graduated and concluded my studies in São Paulo. It was a decision made by my family to improve my future by studying in São Paulo, and it was!

It really was.

Especially because I knew how to harness opportunities and learn from them, I am not afraid of failures, they inspire me so that the next time I can fight even harder.

My story of challenges and conquests begins here.

I arrived alone in a challenging city full of novelties, and I was only 17 years old.

My experiences have always been very inspiring to me, and that has been the great “mainspring” of my life. I have always been passionate about my work, dedicated, and new achievements… I have always had good vibes surrounding me inspiring me.

One thing was true, my work has always been my child, and I was really decided not to have any. I think for that reason, so many professionals who have worked with me could see, I consider them as collaborators and shortly thereafter as my own “children”.

I began my passionate interest in the audiovisual market in the middle of the 1990s, when I got an invitation to work at a production company, thus, I began my contact with the world of television and video.

Nothing can stop me anymore… and nowadays I lead the CINE GROUP, my dream come true that has already reached maturity and has achieved gigantic responsibilities.

We have been able to expand and nowadays, we are present in Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Mozambique.

Yes.. We have been able to expand across the ocean.

I can assure you that it has not been easy; being a woman in a competitive world is not easy.

But when we build upon our conquests on a foundation of respect, dedication, and, above all love, we are able to reach wherever we wish.

I have always been around great people who have helped me, and I am very grateful and eternally thankful to them. They are people who have made it possible for me to reach further, their arms pushing me along to make sure I continue on the right path.

Mistakes? I have made many mistakes, but I have an unrelenting determination to rise up again, as in the game dodgeball, do you remember that game?
I lose a fight, but I never leave the battle, I play do or die, but, I always return to the game.

That is who I am, almost 50 years old, I have been back and forth to and from the African continent almost 80 times, and I think I am a record-breaker for flying, I think I could already be in the Guinness Book of Records.

And my respect for the African culture, I have made strong ties, I cultivate those ties and I am greatly affectionate to them. This has yielded an invitation to become a member of “CPLP Mulheres” (Women from the Portuguese Speaking Country Community). Uniting 8 Portuguese Language Countries, I am the Vice President of FMEE – Federation of Enterprising Business Women.

Joining together with these women makes us stronger, strong in empowerment, culture, dedication, struggle, the will to show the world how we do things and seek our inspirations.

But still, this is not enough for me, there is more to life,
I always am facing a new challenge,
meeting a new person,
a new story to tell,
paying a new bill…

And while the curtain is open, and televisions and mobile phones are on, I will be there, producing, seeking new ideas, telling new stories, and inspiring people who are seeking to enter this incredible market, the audiovisual world.

Thank you very much.


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