ATLANTICO tells relevant stories about inspiring people and about projects that use innovation to solve problems common to Brazil in the countries of the African continent within the context of South-South Cooperation and Triangular Technical Cooperation. In addition, ATLANTICO records current trends and helps managers improve their strategies, make better decisions and make more efficient connections.

ATLANTICO’s articles are directed to the interests of the people and organizations that accompany Brazil-Africa relations.  Journalistic genres include news, reports, opinion articles, profiles and interviews. The editorial line of the publication is focused on overcoming problems, pointing out solutions, creativity and innovation. Respect for diversity and multiple opinions, as well as journalistic rigor, guide the editorial line of the publication.

Independent, ATLANTICO sees some opportunities in the relationship between Brazil and African continent, struggling the misinformation and featuring people and their projetos in fresh ways.  ATLANTICO stands out in a media landscape that ignores or neglect the dinamism of the African continent and all its complexity. Based in Fortaleza, Brazil, ATLANTICO is under the umbrella of the Brazil Africa Institute.


Publisher: João Bosco Monte
Editor: Gustavo Augusto-Vieira
Reporters: Emanuel de Macêdo, Fernanda Maria
Translators: Tatiana Lima, Maurice Strauss
Editorial Advisors: André Brayner, Gilberto Lima Júnior, Gualter George, Gustavo Augusto-Vieira, João Bosco Monte, Rômulo Correa, Thomas Vlassak


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