AfDB Formalizes Support for World Water Forum

The African Development Bank partners with the government of Senegal to host the World Water Forum. With the theme ‘Water Security for Peace and Development’, the event will be held in 2021 in the African country. “The forum is a great opportunity for the Bank to show and advance its water and sanitation agenda and we congratulate the government of Senegal for the preparatory work they have done so far,” said the Bank’s vice president for agriculture, human and social development, Jennifer Blanke.

Photo: Jennifer Blanke, Brazil Africa Insitute

The theme of the forum is in line with the Bank’s ten-year strategy for 2013-2022, which confirms the importance of water security for quality social and economic development in Africa. The strategy states that investments in integrated water development and management are critical to sustainable water, food and energy security for green and inclusive growth.

Forum organizing committee executive secretary Abdoulaye Sene told Bank officials that Dakar is expecting more than 20,000 attendees from more than 170 countries. “Granting the venue for this forum to Senegal is evidence of the urgency of Africa’s water issue and its commitment to the water agenda,” he said of the forum which is known as the “world’s largest water event.”

Sene also said that the ‘Dakar 2021‘ forum would address present and future global issues for man and nature, serving as a catalyst and accelerator of universal access to water and sanitation, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals for Senegal. Africa and the world.

The forum will take place in the Senegalese capital from March 22 to 27, 2021.