Africa Day will be celebrated with an economic forum in São Paulo

Internationally considered as Africa Day, May 25 is celebrated for decades by all Africans and Diaspora around the world, as a time to remember and re-approach with its roots. In São Paulo, the largest metropolis in Brazil and Latin America, the date will be celebrated with an economic forum, to be held on May 27.

On that occasion, the economic, commercial and investment potential of the African continent will be discussed, followed by meetings among the participants. The forum will take place in Porto Seguro center.

“It is an opportunity to show that Africa is the place for business in the future, a rich continent that has a lot to offer to the world. Celebrating this day in Brazil sheds the light on the importance of trade, investment, tourism, cultural, and political relations between the two sides and the huge potential available to discover and capitalize on,” explains Mohamed Elkhatib, Head of the Egyptian Commercial Office at Egyptian Embassy in Brazil.

The City Council of São Paulo will receive part of the festivities

In addition to the forum, there will be other cultural activities between May 25 and 28, which include presentations and a reception in the City Council of São Paulo. The festivities will be closed with a meeting at the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce on the 28th. The celebrations are the result of joint actions of the Council of African Ambassadors, Commercial Office of the Embassy of Egypt in Brazil and the International Institute FEAFRO.

Trade forum in Jundiaí

The city of Jundiaí, in the State of São Paulo, will also receive a trade forum in reference to Africa Day. Named “African Day: Doing Business w / Africa” the event will feature the honorary consuls of Botswana and Namibia, who will present key business opportunities.

History of the date

May 25 is celebrated as Africa Day because it was on this date that, in 1963, the Organisation of African Unity was founded in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. At the time, 30 independent African countries met for the initial purpose of stimulating the independence and decolonization of other African nations. In 2002, the name of the organization was changed to African Union, but the 25 of May continued being Day of Africa