Angola Cables and Nokia celebrate a record connection between Angola and the United States

The companies Angola Cables and Nokia achieved 300 Gbps traffic between Miami and Luanda for the first time through the combination of SACS and MONET submarine cable systems.

According to Angola Cables, the route provides low-latency direct routing and greatly simplifies service activation to more efficiently serve fast-growing data consumption markets on the African continent.

Sub-Saharan Africa has seen the highest global growth in internet usage in the past decade, from less than 10% of the population in 2010 to more than 28% in 2019. Improving connectivity is crucial to increasing the user base.

Managed by Angola Cables, the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) connects Fortaleza (Brazil) and Luanda (Angola). The MONET cable is an initiative led by Google, connecting the coast of the state of São Paulo to Florida, passing through Fortaleza. Angola Cables has two of the six fiber pairs in the Monet system.

The Finnish company Nokia is a partnership of Angola Cables in the implementation of the connectivity technologies of the SACS and MONET systems.