Angola seeks to certify pieces of heritage value

The Angolan Ministry of Culture is developing a set of regulations that will make it easier to identify and certify artisanal pieces with patrimonial value.

The action is being taken to prevent loss and theft of these materials. The Ministry intends that this certification be performed by sealing the parts, which will be done from the value of each. Thus, it is expected to define the objectives that may or may not leave the country.

Historical Compensation

Along with Unesco, authorities in Angola and other African nations are also looking to find a way to recover artifacts that were stolen during the colonial period.

According to the country’s ambassador to the organ, Sita José, constant debates have been held on the subject, but still without consensus. While Africans want the complete return of the material, museums outside the continent expect to find a middle ground.

There is a strong movement in Africa that seeks to recover part of the continent’s history that has been lost in recent years. Senegal recently inaugurated its Museum of Black Civilizations, which has been thought since the 1960s. The country is one of those fighting for the return of stolen artifacts.