Angolan government recovers assets that were under private management

The Angolan government announced the recovery of assets that were being managed by private companies. Among the assets are the ports of Luanda and Lobito, which were with Soportos, and the Talatona Convention Hotel.

Asset Recovery

The Port of Luanda, which had been leased for a period of 20 years to Soportos, is the largest in Angola and has a port infrastructure of 181,000 square meters and is capable of handling an additional two million tons annually.

While in Porto do Lobito, Soportos assumed the concession of the Mineral Terminal in 2017. According to the Jornal de Angola, Soportos delivered the ports, and the Attorney General’s Office delivered the terminals to the Port of Luanda.

The Talatona Convention Hotel (HCTA) was another asset recovered by the government. The public enterprise was under the management of a private company.

The 5-star hotel unit cost more than $ 200 million and, shortly after payment and construction, was handed over for exploration to a privately owned company with an initial $ 12 million bonus, and a contract with damaging traits.

Other actions

The country’s president, João Lourenço, also canceled a palace cleaning contract that cost the state $ 70 million in two years. The Presidential Palace and the buildings that are part of its protocol complex were managed by a private company of public managers.