ATLANTICO enhances the mobile experience

Digital magazine ATLANTICO completes a new stage of adjustments to its layout to enhance the user experience of mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The changes value the graphics that result in a lighter and more harmonious presentation.

Redesigned Visual

The reading of texts became more pleasant, with larger letters, which allow more readability. The main page presents the main highlights of the publication and features a search engine for specific content. All content now supports Safari browser Reading Mode for Apple devices such as iPhone and Mac.

For those using the Chrome browser on Android devices, you can also enable receiving alerts for new content. Thus, the reader will receive a notification each time there is something new on the site. The function is also available for those who prefer to read ATLANTICO on the computer.

Feedback and social networks

Each text published in ATLANTICO ends with feedback buttons. With them, you can communicate with ATLANTICO staff in two ways: via email or in real-time through WhatsApp. It also made it easier to share content across major social networks.

Constant evolution

This was the main package of adjustments made by the team since the site went live in late 2018. The site underwent a complete overhaul in April 2019. New features will be implemented soon, such as newsletter sending. Other adjustments may also be made from feedback provided by readers.

Prior to becoming an online publication, ATLANTICO was made available in print. 13 editions have been published over four years and are available in full for reading and download.

Available in Portuguese and English, ATLANTICO is updated daily with news, interviews, articles, profiles and special reports on South-South Cooperation, with an emphasis on Brazil-Africa relations. ATLANTICO is an initiative of the Brazil Africa Institute.