Scholarships promote knowledge exchange among CPLP students

Five scholarships will be awarded to university students from the countries of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) who want to include in their degrees or master's degrees attendance at universities in Brazil or Portugal. The AULP Mobility Program (Association of Portuguese Language Universities) was launched in May 2019, and from 2020 OEI (The Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science, and Culture) joined the project.

CAP will choose the five best African photographers

To award the top five African photographers. This is the proposal for the CAP - Contemporary African Photography Award, which has been held since 2012.

Food Crisis: COVID-19 offers new risks for vulnerable countries

The COVID-19 pandemic could double the number of people suffering from acute hunger. The number could reach 265 million people by the end of 2020 unless quick action is taken.

World Bank announces support for 100 developing countries

By the end of April, the World Bank will implement 100 new emergency support programs for developing countries in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

IBRAF promotes webinar about the food crisis

Next Friday (April 24), IBRAF will be held a live webinar to discuss how societies will be able to sustain, after the pandemic, a food security status and what can be done to prevent a food crisis in the coming years.

International cooperation leads to prison one of South America’s most wanted traffickers

The drug trafficker Gilberto dos Santos (better known as “Fuminho”) entered the Brazilian Penitentiary of Catanduvas, the State of Paraná, this Monday (20).

Economic diversification: Equatorial Guinea’s bet

Equatorial Guinea is projected to be one of the hardest-hit African economies by COVID-19

Equipment and solidarity for Africa

West and Central Africa are of growing concern. 11 out of 17 African countries with more than 100 cases of COVID-19 are in the region.