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Chapada do Araripe establishes a bridge between Brazil and Morocco

Nabila Jebbouri is a 28-year-old young Moroccan researcher who has been researching the cultural ties between Brazil and her country. After participating in the promotion of the Oasis of Figuig as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, she has helped Chapada do Araripe, in northeastern Brazil, to achieve the same status. In August 2019, she participated in a thematic seminar to discuss the situation and intends to continue studying the cultural aspects of the region.

Brazilian tells about the beginning of the lockdown in South Africa

The South African government initiated the lockdown on March 27 as a measure to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time, about 500 Brazilians who were in the country did not know for sure how to return home. Brazilian journalist Larissa Carvalho, who worked in Johannesburg at the beginning of the pandemic, was one of those people.

A mission: to bring love and faith to Cape Verde

Diego Paulo, 31, left Brazil in 2014 with three more friends to Cape Verde. His goal was to learn more about the culture, to learn Cape Verdean Creole, and to identify communities and areas that needed help. The trip was one more step following a long period of planning by the Christian organization Vida Vida em Foco.

Eliana Alves Cruz and the story of all of us

“Intuitively, I realized that there was something in this story that concerns the story of all of us”, shares Eliana Alves dos Santos Cruz when speaking of her book “Água de Barrela” that tells the story of her family. Eliana is a writer, journalist, and producer in Rio de Janeiro. Through research and family reports - especially from her aunt, Dona Nunu, the author builds a narrative that traces the path that connects Brazil to Africa. Eliana defends teaching, research, and writing as a way to preserve Afro-Brazilian culture.

Three Nigerian writers that you need to know now

A new generation of Nigerian female authors draws attention to the world for their work, especially for bringing different female realities.

Nigerian female writers conquer the world

Nigeria's female voices are taking over the world. In 2019, three Nigerian writers - Akwaeke Emezi, Oyinkan Braithwaite and Diana Evans - entered the Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction. The award is considered one of the most prestigious in terms of English-language literature.

The black feminist voice of Stephanie Ribeiro

Stephanie Ribeiro was still an architecture student when her essay started to go viral on the internet. At a university, with a white people majority, she found in black feminism and writing a place of welcome and struggle. Soon several women identified with what Stephanie had to say and the writer became one of the most expressive voices in Brazilian activism.

Africa through comics: the geek market is booming on the continent

The world has always told history through illustrations. In prehistory, for example, communication took place through cave painting. Nowadays, comics have diversified and democratized the dissemination of illustrations in order to tell stories. Countries like Japan and the United States have turned this kind of art into a gigantic industry. In Africa, on the other hand, several talents have emerged in order to tell African history from another perspective and also give a new meaning to the genre. Mixing African tradition and the fictional universe of superheroes, some names are gradually gaining space and accumulating a legion of fans.