Gustavo Augusto-Vieira

COVID-19 demands new paradigms for International Cooperation

In a webinar format, a dialogue on COVID-19 was organized by IBRAF and broadcast live on YouTube.

Afro-jazz: the legacy of Manu Dibango

It is impossible to list the most influential African musicians of the 20th century and not include Cameroonian saxophonist Manu Dibango. Considered the legend of Afro-jazz, he gained worldwide notoriety when he fell in favor of New York DJs, who catapulted the song "Soul Makossa" to one of the greatest hits of 1972.

A break for the Ethiopian coffee

Spending hours and hours confined at an airport can put a damper on anyone's mood. For travelers connecting from 6 am at the Addis Ababa airport, this wait is a little more pleasant.

The new phase of the war against Covid-19 in America and Africa

International health officials are struggling to stem the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. In both America and Africa, the growth in the number of people infected has made health organizations review their strategies.

Chinenyem Ozemela, a woman of vision

The Nigerian ophthalmologist Chinenyem Ozemela has devoted much of her life to combating preventable blindness and other eye diseases.

“We are creating a digital ecosystem”, says director of DigitalPayGo

ATLANTICO talked to Esther Kanduza, marketing director at DigitalPayGo. She told our team about how the idea of setting up a digital business came up and where the startup wants to go in 2020.

Fintechs on the rise in Africa

Fintech is a term derived from the union of the words financial and technology to define startups that offer financial services to the public until then neglected by the traditional institutions of the sector. Because they have lower operating costs, since they massively use new digital technologies, these companies are able to offer simpler and more efficient solutions to their customers.

Afripedia: The First African Descent Talent Database

Afripedia is the name of a platform that aims to bring together, in one unique place, creative professionals of African descent who work from around the world. The initiative came from the minds of two filmmakers: the Israeli Teddy Goitom and the Swede Senay Berthe - both African descent living in East Africa. They both produced in 2014 a homonymous documentary series. Split into five parts, the work showed emerging creatives from major African cities.