Brazil trains the first doctors in International Relations in Angola

Angola will have its first doctoral course in International Relations, thanks to a partnership between the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and the Higher Institute of International Relations of Angola (ISRI). The project, called International Interinstitutional Doctorate (Dinter), has a Brazilian university as responsible for training, in Angola, the first doctors in the area.

The initiative came from the Angolan government and is intended to train researchers, teachers, diplomats and other highly qualified professionals in International Relations.

The partnership also enables ISRI itself on academic and administrative issues to operate a postgraduate course at the doctoral level. This will enable the Angolan body to coordinate the offer of upcoming classes and manage the program itself.

The agreement between the two institutions was signed in December and the course project has already been concluded. The start of activities is scheduled for the first semester of 2020. The first class will consist of 18 doctoral students and will have about ten professors from UFRGS and three from the Angolan institute.

The course is offered by UFRGS at no cost to students and to the Angolan government, which only bears the expenses of tickets, daily fees and accommodation for Brazilian teachers. “The selection, the disciplines, the assessment and orientation method will be conducted exactly as in Brazil, as the doctoral students will be our students”, explains André Reis, professor and researcher at the Faculty of Economic Sciences at UFRGS. “Everything works as if we were here, but we will be in Angola”.

Para ministrar as aulas e orientar os estudantes, os brasileiros viajarão para Angola de modo intercalado, para evitar prejuízo nas atividades acadêmicas no Brasil. “Cada professor permanece cerca de dez dias em Luanda e, quando um retorna, outro embarca, pois as disciplinas serão realizadas em módulos”, detalha RCeis.

Class of Mozambique

+ In addition to the agreement with the Angolan government, UFRGS already has a similar cooperation agreement with Mozambique. The partnership should train 22 professionals in 2020. This type of partnership is unique in Brazil in the area of International Relations.