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Ipea promotes research to strengthen ties between both sides of the Atlantic

Relations between Brazil and Africa show great development potential for the Brazilian and African economy The information is from Ivan Oliveira, director of international studies at the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea). The agency has been conducting research on Brazilian relations with the African continent. The study is done in partnership with the Brazil Africa Institute (IBRAF), also responsible for ATLANTICO. "It was Ipea's first step in resuming research on Africa," Oliveira said in an exclusive interview with our team during the Brazil Africa Forum. 2019.

The future of relations between Brazil and Africa is promising, according to Hamilton Mourão

"As relações com a África são e serão prioritárias para o Brasil e o para os brasileiros", declarou o vice-presidente do Brasil, Hamilton Mourão, durante a cerimônia de abertura do Fórum Brasil África 2019.

Halal protein has potential for growth in Brazil

Brazil is already recognized in the Islamic world as one of the countries that has the most expertise in the production of Hala Food, especially because of its role in the protein sector. However, it can become an even more relevant player.

Cisterns, from Brazil to the world 

Around 450 thousand Brazilian families still do not have access to water. The Cistern program has been funded by the Brazilian government since 2003 and is only serving a small group of people due to insufficient resources.

Brazil-Germany cooperation strengthens projects in Africa 

The number of countries interested in Brazilian expertise in technical cooperative projects has been increasing in the past years. It takes place...

Vizzia studies investing in the African shoe market

Headquartered in the Cariri region of the Ceará State, one of the largest shoe manufacturing centers in Brazil – Vizzia wants to include Africa in its radar. Consolidated in t

After all, what is South-South Cooperation?

September 12 is the United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation. On this day, in 1978, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly adopted a plan of action in 1978 to promote and implement technical cooperation among developing countries.

Cape Town: day zero for the water crisis

Cape Town, in South Africa, after three years of drought in 2018, faced an unprecedented hydric crisis. There was an imminent risk of becoming the first large metropolis in the world to be without water. Thus the city implemented various measures to dribble the crisis.

Understand how Uganda protects its main rainforest

Mabira is one of Uganda's few remaining rainforests, covering an area of ​​about 300 square kilometers. One of the largest reserves in the country, Mabira is home to endangered species. However, population growth, high demand for charcoal and agricultural invasion pose risks to their conversation. To combat degradation, the Uganda National Forest Authority uses a program for forest mapping, protection, and management.