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An unprecedented exhibition brings together sculptures, sarcophagi and mummies from Ancient Egypt in Rio de Janeiro

Mounted in Rio de Janeiro, the Ancient Egypt: From Everyday to Eternity exhibition features 140 pieces directly from the Egyptian Museum of Turin (Museo Egizio), in Italy, which has the second largest collection dedicated to Egypt in the World, behind only the Cairo Museum. , Egyptian capital. For curators Pieter Tjabbes and Paolo Marini, the idea of the exhibition is to attract an audience beyond those who already have intimacy with the theme.

Orlando Julius & The Heliocentrics will perform at a jazz festival in Brazil

The Nigerian musician Orlando Julius, considered the creator of Afropop bases, with a mix of jazz and African rhythms, will perform with the collective The Heliocentrics at the Sesc Jazz festival in São Paulo.

Sao Paulo will have one more regular weekly flight to Casablanca

The Moroccan airline Royal Air Maroc will offer a new flight frequency between Sao Paulo and Casablanca. With the new flight,...

GTBank Fashion Weekend brings together designers in Nigeria

This November, industry leaders, style connoisseurs, and fashion enthusiasts from across the globe will converge in Lagos, Nigeria for the 4th edition of the GTBank Fashion Weekend. The 2-day event will put a spotlight on Africa’s emerging fashion industry whilst showcasing the talent and creativity of small businesses in the fashion space.

Morocco will host the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization in 2021

O Marrocos foi oficialmente escolhido como anfitrião da 24ª Sessão da Organização Mundial de Turismo (OMT), que acontecerá em 2021. O resultado foi divulgado durante o encerramento da assembléia deste ano em São Petersburgo. Quênia e Filipinas estavam entre seus concorrentes. O vencedor foi escolhido através de uma votação pelos Estados-Membros da agência especializada de turismo da ONU.

Winds for future: the ocean, an inspiration for sustainable businesses

Brazil features a 7,367 km coastline, bathed on the east by the Atlantic Ocean. Brazilian settlements throughout five centuries have prioritized the seacoast territories, whereas the largest concentration of Brazilian population is concentrated. Thus, this view focused on the ocean-inspired Winds For Future (W4F), an initiative intending to unite innovation, technology, and sustainability.

The Ceará Organic Food Festival, an International food culture hub

Ceará has become consolidated as a great Brazilian food culture hub. There are over a dozen options of gastronomy schools, including public and private universities as well as technical courses in Brazil. The local government runs them, the “Escola de Gastronomia Social” (Social Gastronomy School) inaugurated in 2018. The “Observatório Cearense da Cultura Alimentar” (The Ceará State Food Culture Observatory) (OCCA) is also in this state that has reunited chefs and researchers. The Ceará Organic Food Festival will also take place during this event. It is an event that intends to unite representatives from the entire local productive food chain producing foodstuffs.

Algeria’s main agribusiness fair, Sipsa-Filaha reaches its 19th edition

The Sipsa-Filaha, Algeria's International Exhibition of Agriculture, Livestock and Farming Equipment reaches 19th this year. Organizers expect to receive 23,000 visitors from...

African comics and games on exhibition in Maputo

Comics and videogame characters from seven studios across the continent will have their work shown at the exhibition. “Superheroes: Comics and Video Games from Africa” (“Super-heróis: Banda Desenhada e Videojogos de África” in Portuguese) in Mozambique.