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Kenya and Ethiopia rethink bioenergy public policy

Officials and experts from the governments of Ethiopia and Kenya benefited from a UNEP qualification project, carried out in partnership with the International Climate Initiative. The project provides technical assistance to assess the sustainability of the bioenergy sectors and build capacity for periodic long-term monitoring.

Khartoum Fair will have Brazilian entourage

The Khartoum International Fair reaches its 37th edition in 2020. The event organizers expect to receive more than 400,000 visitors from 20 countries from January 20 to 27. The keynote of the fair is a business promotion.

Chico Carneiro, Between Amazon and Mozambique, everything becomes a movie

Brazilian filmmaker Chico Carneiro left Brazil, more precisely from the Amazon region, crossed the ocean and ended up in Mozambique, not only making films, but living cinema.

Afripedia: The First African Descent Talent Database

Afripedia is the name of a platform that aims to bring together, in one unique place, creative professionals of African descent who work from around the world. The initiative came from the minds of two filmmakers: the Israeli Teddy Goitom and the Swede Senay Berthe - both African descent living in East Africa. They both produced in 2014 a homonymous documentary series. Split into five parts, the work showed emerging creatives from major African cities.

Brazilian chancellor reaffirms Africa as priority

Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo reiterated the country's commitment to strengthen relations with the African continent. This week, when he met an agenda in four West African countries, he reaffirmed that Africa "is a priority" for Brazil. The sentence has simi

José Graziano: “Governments must go beyond productivity”

“Governments need to invest in food security programs,” says José Graziano. The former director-general of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says that governments often focus only on productivity, which excludes ensuring access to water and food. “Provide healthy conditions and productivity will improve,” he says.

Fadel Ndiame: “Smallholders farmers are the heart of our economy’s progress”

The center of African economic progress must be smallholders, says Fadel Ndiame in an interview with ATLANTICO. He is a representative of the African Union, senior advisor to the President and Strategic Partnerships Presidency at AGRA (Gwroing Africa's Agriculture), an African-led organization that works to invest in the continent's agriculture.

“Africa is at the center of our action,” says IFAD economist

"Africa is at the center of our interest and our work." Paolo Silveri's statement, leading regional economist at the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) for Latin America and the Caribbean, demonstrates the importance of the African continent to the actions of the UN agency, which supports agriculture in developing countries.

FARA believes in science for development

Responsible for coordinating and advocating for agricultural research in Africa, the Africa Agricultural Research Forum (FARA) serves as the technical arm of the African Union Commission. The organization focuses on development and technology to advance agriculture on the continent. “There is no country that has broken the food security barrier without adopting science,” says Yemi Akinbamijo, the institution's director.