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“We are creating a digital ecosystem”, says director of DigitalPayGo

ATLANTICO talked to Esther Kanduza, marketing director at DigitalPayGo. She told our team about how the idea of setting up a digital business came up and where the startup wants to go in 2020.

Fintechs on the rise in Africa

Fintech is a term derived from the union of the words financial and technology to define startups that offer financial services to the public until then neglected by the traditional institutions of the sector. Because they have lower operating costs, since they massively use new digital technologies, these companies are able to offer simpler and more efficient solutions to their customers.

Egypt keeps its economic goals in spite of COVID-19

While the world bets in a continued slowdown of the economic growth in 2020 because of COVID-19 - also called novel Coronavirus - the Egyptian economy should be maintaining stable growth rates of 5.6 percent during the second quarter and first half of this fiscal year(2019-2020).

The black feminist voice of Stephanie Ribeiro

Stephanie Ribeiro was still an architecture student when her essay started to go viral on the internet. At a university, with a white people majority, she found in black feminism and writing a place of welcome and struggle. Soon several women identified with what Stephanie had to say and the writer became one of the most expressive voices in Brazilian activism.

South African Airways says goodbye to Brazil

The direct flight between São Paulo and Johannesburg will be discontinued by South African Airlines (SAA). In the midst of an administrative restructuring, the company announced that it will end its activities in Brazil as of February 29.

Brazil approves a law to facilitate the fight against the New Coronavirus

O presidente do Brasil, Jair Bolsonaro sancionou nesta sexta-feira (7) a Lei 13.979 que trata das medidas de enfrentamento emergencial do novo coronavírus.

WHO strengthens fight against new coronavirus in Africa

The World Health Organization (WHO) is strengthening its support to African countries in the detection and management of suspected cases of the new coronavirus. Although there are no confirmed cases of new coronaviruses on the continent, the organization wants to guarantee a robust response, should a first case be detected. WHO assesses a high risk for the African region since the continent has close ties with China, which is at the epicenter of the outbreak.

Project aims to transform girls’ education in Ivory Coast

“Para cada menina, o direito à educação” é o nome de um projeto que beneficia mais de 32.000 meninas de 10 a 18 anos, do distrito de Abidjan e da região de Tonkpi, na Costa do Marfim.

ILO unites Brazil, Mali and Mozambique to promote decent work in the cotton sector

During February, Brazilian technicians from the International Labor Organization (ILO) will visit two African countries: Mali and Mozambique. Supported by the government of Brazil and the Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers (ABRAPA), the technical mission aims to streamline the implementation of the "Cotton with Decent Work" project.