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Standard Bank and investment attraction for Africa, according to Natália Dias

Headquartered in South Africa, Standard Bank has a mission: to bring more investors to the African continent. Natalia Dia, CEO of Standard Bank in Brazil, spoke with ATLANTICO about the bank's presence in the major financial markets and how multinationals are attracted to Africa. He also talked about the private sector incentive and the bank's role in this scenario.

Bamako Photography Biennial wants to go beyond conventional photographic approaches

“Currents of Consciousness” is the theme of the 12th edition of the Bamako Photography Biennial. "Bamako Rencontres - Biennale africaine de la photographie". The 25th-anniversary event runs until January 31st in the capital of Mali. According to its creators, the show wants to challenge the participants' vision by including artistic projects that go beyond conventional photographic approaches.

“Trilateral cooperation is the path to development,” according to IBRAF economist

The Brazil Africa Institute (IBRAF) economist Igor Lucena points to trilateral collaboration as one of the means to advance Africa's development. “We are working in a trilateral way that unites governments, of course, but here we have entrepreneurs, the private sector and also international institutions that together create a bond that helps economies develop more internationally.” He believes that by creating new opportunities African countries will be able to develop and thus achieve food security. The economist highlights the importance of events such as the Brazil Africa Forum to stimulate discussions about the opportunities of the African continent.

“Brazil has a lot to learn from Africa,” says Cézar Rizzi of CAMPO

Brazil's tropical agriculture expertise can do a lot for Africa, according to Cezar Rizzi, CAMPO Project Coordinator. "Brazil has a lot to learn from Africa, but also a lot to contribute, especially with regard to tropical agriculture," said Rizzi, speaking of opportunities on the continent.

Ulrich Sabel-Koschella: Collaboration is essential for development in Africa

“Collaboration and knowledge exchange is the determining factor for accelerating development in Africa.” That's what Ulrich Sabel-Koschella, head of the agricultural value chains at GIZ, Germany's cooperation agency, says. In an interview with ATLANTICO, he talked about the partnership between Germany, Brazil, and Ghana to strengthen the cashew sector in the African country. The project was presented during a workshop at the Brazil Africa Forum 2019. In addition, Sabel-Koschella commented on South-South cooperation and how agriculture can contribute to the economic development of African countries.

Luana Ozemela wants more business between Latin America and the Middle East

Specializing in bilateral cooperation, DIMA is expanding its reach to Latin America and the Gulf countries. Founded by Brazilian businesswoman Luana Ozemela, the company is headquartered at Qatar Financial Center, the financial center in Doha. Acronym for Development Impact Managers & Advisors, DIMA operates in the management consulting area. “Our goal is to provide services to both Brazilian companies that want to do business with Qatar and Qatar as well as Qatari investors looking for investment opportunities in Brazil,” explains Ozemela.

Ipea promotes research to strengthen ties between both sides of the Atlantic

Relations between Brazil and Africa show great development potential for the Brazilian and African economy The information is from Ivan Oliveira, director of international studies at the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea). The agency has been conducting research on Brazilian relations with the African continent. The study is done in partnership with the Brazil Africa Institute (IBRAF), also responsible for ATLANTICO. "It was Ipea's first step in resuming research on Africa," Oliveira said in an exclusive interview with our team during the Brazil Africa Forum. 2019.

Agribusiness has a lot to gain from looking at Africa, says CEO of Brazafric

The future of the agribusiness sector was discussed in several panels of the Brazil Africa Forum 2019. “Brazil and the Brazilian investor in the agricultural sector have much to gain by looking more closely at the African continent,” says Marcos Brandalise, founder and CEO of BrazAfric Group of Companies (BGC) in an interview with ATLANTICO. The group provides support for the East African agribusiness sector, and during the event presented a new solution to modernize agriculture on the continent, AgroB.

Cape Verdean sign language dictionary received Brazilian support

As a result of technical cooperation with Brazil, Cape Verdean educators celebrate the launch of the 1st Cape Verdean Sign Language Dictionary. Considered historic, the document aims to promote the unification of sign language of deaf students across the country, as well as serving as a literacy tool and working tool for teachers in the country.