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Coumba D. Sow: “My mission is to make sure the people here have water”

Coordinated by Senegalese agro economist Coumba D. Sow, the “1 million Sahel cisterns” program is an initiative of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) which consists of establishing systems to capture rainwater. This can ensure a better quality of life for communities experiencing long periods of drought.

“Africa is still a priority for Brazil,” says ambassador

In an interview for ATLANTICO, Flávio Lima Rocha, Brazil's ambassador to Senegal and The Gambia, talks about the opportunities for Brazilian entrepreneurs in Senegal, the creation of the intracontinental free trade area and also about the importance of Africa to the Brazilian government.

Bela Gil: agroecology, healthy food, and food security

Bela Gil has gained social importance in Brazil due to her manner of speaking, simplicity, on a subject that up to now has been neglected by the majority of people: food awareness and healthiness.

Humberto Silva, the man who wants to end hepatitis

Humberto Coelho Neto e Silva, 53, is an enthusiastic man full of energy. Founder of the Brazilian Association of Hepatitis B...

Tamer Mansour and the need for expanding business opportunities to Arab countries

Tamer Mansour, an Egyptian who’s living in Brazil for 20 years, has been dedicated to making Brazilian entrepreneurs aware of the...

Paulo Rogério Nunes: creativity, innovation and “baianity”

One of the largest in Brazil and considered to be the blackest city outside of the African continent, Salvador has stood out because of...

Paulo Gomes and a new Guinea Bissau

Paulo Gomes (54) is a business leader and an important political player in Guinea Bissau and he has been dedicated to place his country...

José Ramos-Horta: “Dialogue is listening voiceless”

Exclusive Interview with the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

Dlamini-Zuma : “Our long-term flight”

2015 is a great and important year for the African Union. The organization founded in 2002, as the successor of African Unity to help...