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Winds for future: the ocean, an inspiration for sustainable businesses

Brazil features a 7,367 km coastline, bathed on the east by the Atlantic Ocean. Brazilian settlements throughout five centuries have prioritized the seacoast territories, whereas the largest concentration of Brazilian population is concentrated. Thus, this view focused on the ocean-inspired Winds For Future (W4F), an initiative intending to unite innovation, technology, and sustainability.

The Ceará Organic Food Festival, an International food culture hub

Ceará has become consolidated as a great Brazilian food culture hub. There are over a dozen options of gastronomy schools, including public and private universities as well as technical courses in Brazil. The local government runs them, the “Escola de Gastronomia Social” (Social Gastronomy School) inaugurated in 2018. The “Observatório Cearense da Cultura Alimentar” (The Ceará State Food Culture Observatory) (OCCA) is also in this state that has reunited chefs and researchers. The Ceará Organic Food Festival will also take place during this event. It is an event that intends to unite representatives from the entire local productive food chain producing foodstuffs.

Arab Chamber to join Brazil-Africa Forum

The 7th Brazil-Africa Forum will be themed Food Security: Path to Economic Growth. Organized by the Brazil Africa Institute (Ibraf) , the...

Pope Francis reflects on of his trip to Africa

Pope Francis was in three African countries between September 4 and 10: Mozambique, Madagascar, and Mauritius. In a conversation with journalists last Wednesday (11), the Pope took stock of the trip. Among other issues, the Catholic leader spoke about the challenges encountered in these countries, the importance of environmental protection and hope for youth.

Angola outlines plan with UN for foreign investment in agriculture

Agriculture is the prior area for investment according to a document presented by the United Nations. The Investment Policy Review was presented at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and highlighted industry opportunities and challenges. In the presentation of the document, Angolan ministers of Trade and Economy and Planning discussed with representatives of Unctad reforms to increase foreign investment to diversify the country's economy.

Vice President of Ghana expresses interest in extending commercial ties with Brazil

The President of the Brazil Africa Institute (IBRAF), João Bosco Monte, met in Accra with the Vice President of Ghana, Mahamudu...

Migration in Africa has killed 7,400 people in the last five years

Since 2014, more than 7,400 men, women, and children have died in transit in Africa. This is shown in the new records published by the IOM (International Organization for Migration, part of the UN) Missing Migrant Project (MMP). The number may be even higher considering that these are only documented deaths.

Mozambique: Half of HIV patients discontinued treatment after cyclones

There was a 50% drop in the number of follow-up visits for the HIV virus following the Idai and Kenneth cyclone crossings, which reached more than 1 million people, causing over 600 deaths in Mozambique. The number of people being treated also dropped to about half, according to an analysis by the country's Ministry of Health.

AGRF: Farmers from Nigeria and Tanzania to benefit from two agreements

AGRF: Farmers from Nigeria and Tanzania to benefit from two agreements The grants are designed by the Bank’s Africa Fertilizer Financing Mechanism (AFFM) to provide sustainable financing solutions to boost the fertilizer value chain in Africa