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World Bank and IBRAF discuss cooperative actions between the organizations

In Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, the president of the Brazil Africa Institute (IBRAF), João Bosco Monte, met with representatives of the World Bank under the leadership of Hafez Ghanem, the Organization’s vice president for Africa. The meeting took place in parallel with the “Africa Food Security Leadership Dialogue” event, in which the IBRAF president attended.

Angolan government recovers assets that were under private management

The Angolan government announced the recovery of assets that were being managed by private companies. Among the assets are the ports...

FAO Director-General hands over to Chinese Qu Dongyu

"Social protection programmes and public policies are fundamental to reducing hunger, and the quality of our food - both produced and...

Elections in Mozambique will be observed by the European Union

With general elections scheduled to be held on October 15, the Mozambican authorities formally invited representatives of the European Union to...

Côte d’Ivoire: a project transforms plastic into classroom bricks

The initiative in Ivory Coast is going to enable the building of 500 classrooms for over 25 thousand Ivorian children; the bricks are fire resistant; 40% less expensive; 20% lighter; and their durability will last hundreds of years.

Libya’s instability could affect neighboring countries, says UN mission military commander in Mali

Experiencing an intense civil war in recent years, Libya's instability may be affecting neighboring countries. General Dennis Gyllensporre, commander of the...

Algeria is Brazil’s largest sugar buyer

Algeria leads the ranking of importers of Brazilian sugar in the current sugarcane crop, according to figures from the Sugarcane Industry Union (Unica), published by the Brazil-Arab News Agency (ANBA). Between April and June this year, the country imported 588,000 tons from Brazil. The number is equivalent to 13% of all the volume of sugar that the country sent abroad during the period. The current sugarcane crop began in April and runs through March next year.

The diversity of the Portuguese language will be discussed at the Ceará Biennial

The Portuguese language is one of the most spoken native languages in the world, with over 250 million people speaking it....

Statements of the new British Prime Minister generate uncertainties in Africa

Boris Johnson, the new British Prime Minister, proclaimed controversial declarations regarding the African continent and caused criticisms and doubts resurface regarding future relations between Great Britain and the African continent.