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“We are creating a digital ecosystem”, says director of DigitalPayGo

ATLANTICO talked to Esther Kanduza, marketing director at DigitalPayGo. She told our team about how the idea of setting up a digital business came up and where the startup wants to go in 2020.

The black feminist voice of Stephanie Ribeiro

Stephanie Ribeiro was still an architecture student when her essay started to go viral on the internet. At a university, with a white people majority, she found in black feminism and writing a place of welcome and struggle. Soon several women identified with what Stephanie had to say and the writer became one of the most expressive voices in Brazilian activism.

Afripedia: The First African Descent Talent Database

Afripedia is the name of a platform that aims to bring together, in one unique place, creative professionals of African descent who work from around the world. The initiative came from the minds of two filmmakers: the Israeli Teddy Goitom and the Swede Senay Berthe - both African descent living in East Africa. They both produced in 2014 a homonymous documentary series. Split into five parts, the work showed emerging creatives from major African cities.

Luana Ozemela wants more business between Latin America and the Middle East

Specializing in bilateral cooperation, DIMA is expanding its reach to Latin America and the Gulf countries. Founded by Brazilian businesswoman Luana Ozemela, the company is headquartered at Qatar Financial Center, the financial center in Doha. Acronym for Development Impact Managers & Advisors, DIMA operates in the management consulting area. “Our goal is to provide services to both Brazilian companies that want to do business with Qatar and Qatar as well as Qatari investors looking for investment opportunities in Brazil,” explains Ozemela.

Resilience, love and faith for the children of Madagascar

Criada no Ceará em 1982 e com diversas atividades Brasil agora reunindo cerca de 600 mil membros, a Comunidade Católica Shalom mantém há 13 anos uma casa em Antsiranana, no norte de Madagascar. Considerado um dos mais pobres do mundos, o país insular africano tem 25 milhões de habitantes. A expectativa de vida é baixa - apenas 40 anos - e apenas 2% da população tem acesso à água encanada.

Regina Tchelly and her Organic Slum

Favela Orgânica (organic slum, in Portuguese) is the name of a social enterprise located in Morro da Babilônia, a favela in the north of Rio de Janeiro. The essence of the program is to spread the idea that anyone can eat well, spend too little and be ecologically and socially responsible.

Africa Investment Forum will discuss investments on the continent

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is working with other multilateral development partners and stakeholders to organize the Africa Investment Forum. The forum, which aims to discuss mainland investments, is intended to raise capital, advance projects to the financing stage and accelerate business closure.

Guilherme Canever, searching for invisible destinations

Guilherme Canever, a forestry engineer, has been fascinated by Africa since he was very young when he saw photographs from his...

Humberto Barbosa, the observer of the Atlantic Ocean

Last week, smoke from forest fires coming surrounding the city of Mangai, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, southern Africa, arrived...