Councilors from São Paulo approve project of cooperation with Africa

Councilors from the city of São Paulo approved an application for the establishment of the Permanent Subcommittee on Socioeconomic Cooperation and Development São Paulo-Africa. The subcommittee will function within the recently created Extraordinary Commission of International Relations, of the São Paulo City Council.

The project is authored by the councilmen André Santos. The consular representations that are in the city of São Paulo were also informed about the creation of the commission.

“The intention is to make the Chamber fulfill its institutional role, placing the city of São Paulo internationally recognized for its good practices, dynamism, entrepreneurship and, more than that, its vocation for business and economic development,” said Janaína Santos, who chairs the Commission.

The Extraordinary Commission on International Relations was created with the objective of establishing new ties with other countries and contributing to the city of São Paulo participating in relevant debates, as well as implementing new behavioral practices.

Photos: André Moura / CMSP