Brazil Africa Forum will discuss food security and economic growth

Food security is one of the main challenges to be overcome in the world today. The term refers to ensuring universal access to food without restriction. According to the UN, hunger is growing again in the world, conflicts, droughts, and disasters related to climate change are among the factors that contributed to this scenario. Investment in strategic sectors such as agriculture is essential for fighting hunger as well as for economic growth. The theme is at the heart of the Brazil Africa Forum 2019: Food Security: Path to Economic Growth, to be held in November in the city of São Paulo.

The forum, which is in its 7th edition, has been promoting discussions about cooperation between Brazil and Africa over the years. Brazil stands out on the world stage in agriculture and has invested in several technologies. In addition, the country cultivates significant trade relations with several African countries. ”Brazil has shown to the world that it can produce food. If we look at 40 years ago, our country was a food importer and today is one of the major global producers of commodities and services, ”says the president of the Brazil Africa Institute (IBRAF), João Bosco Monte.

Alliances between the private, academic and government sectors are among the topics to be discussed at the Forum, which aims to discuss actions that are already underway, as well as new business opportunities and cooperation. “These initiatives are directly linked to agribusiness and job creation that will contribute to ending poverty and hunger, ”says Ayman Amin Sejiny, CEO of the Islamic Corporation for Private Sector Development (ICD). “The exchange of experiences and networking that takes place during this period is very important for those involved,” says Abrafrutas president Roberto Barcelos.

The event will be attended by representatives of the Brazilian government, the United Nations, and various public and private sector organizations. One such organization is the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (CCAB), which encourages business between Brazil and the Arab countries, some of them located in North Africa. “African Arabs will soon play a key role in spreading Brazil’s tropical agriculture and livestock technologies, which are arguably the most efficient in the world,” said Tamer Mansour, secretary-general of the CCAB.

The forum will take place between November 12 and 13, 2019 in São Paulo. During these days, some 300 representatives from governments, the private sector, academia, and potential investors will discuss the issue and its challenges in achieving food security and ensuring economic growth on the African continent. “I have been following the Brazil Africa Forum since its first edition and I see how much the event has grown. In its seventh edition, the Forum consolidates itself as a promoter of dialogue and cooperation between Brazil and the African countries, especially on the selected theme, food security “, says Daniel Balaban, Director of the Center for Excellence against Hunger and Representative of the World Food Program in Brazil.