IBRAF aims to strengthen Las Palmas as a hub port between America and Africa

Representatives of the Port of Las Palmas confirmed on Wednesday (18) the participation in the summit Ports Management in the Atlantic, an event that will take place in Fortaleza on May 5 and 6, 2020. The information was released by the Spanish website specializing in logistics information. maritime El Canal. The information was released by the Spanish website El Canal, specializing in maritime logistics.

According to the publication, during the event, the advantages of the port of Las Palmas will be presented as a strategic point for the redistribution of American goods to West African countries. The most important port authorities in Brazil and Africa should attend this international summit.

The president of Puertos de Las Palmas, Luis Ibarra, and the manager of the Puertos de Las Palmas Foundation, Sergio Galván, met with Professor. João Bosco Monte, president of the Brazil Africa Institute (IBRAF) and publisher of ATLANTICO. The meeting served to draw up a concrete action plan to leverage opportunities for the port of Gran Canaria.

During the summit, the port representatives will meet with Brazilian businessmen from the export sector. In November they should also participate in the Brazil Africa Forum 2020, scheduled to take place in São Paulo.

This Wednesday’s meeting at the Puerto de Las Palmas headquarters