IBRAF dialogues with the Brazilian Embassy in Egypt to carry out projects

The president of the Brazil Africa Institute, João Bosco Monte, met with Antonio Patriota, Ambassador of Brazil to Egypt, to present the IBRAF’s agenda of actions and discuss possibilities for partnerships.

During the meeting, the IBRAF president could talk about the Brazil Africa Forum 2020, which will focus on Natural Resource Management, a topic of great interest to Egypt and Eritrea, as highlighted by the Ambassador himself. The event will take place in São Paulo between the 3rd and 4th of November.

At the occasion, the diplomat showed enthusiasm about the projects developed by IBRAF and believed in the potential that the approach can bring. In this way, the Brazil Africa Institute committed to identifying possibilities for partnerships that present themselves to organizations in Brazil, Egypt and Eritrea.

In addition to the Brazil Africa Forum 2020, IBRAF will also hold new editions of the Youth Technical Training Program (YTTP), the Port Management in the Atlantic Summit and development work to promote south-south cooperation actions.