IBRAF promotes webinar about the food crisis

After the important topics discussed in its first webinar, Brazil Africa Institute (IBRAF) expands the dialogues on the Pandemic in the African context. Next Friday (April 24), the organization will be held a live webinar to discuss how societies will be able to sustain, after the pandemic, a food security status and what can be done to prevent a food crisis in the coming years.

The webinar starts at 11 am (GMT -3), with the theme “Food Crisis: Consequence of the Coronavirus Pandemic?”. The participants are:

  • Jean Pierre Senghor, Executive Secretary of the National Food Security Council in Senegal;
  • Denys Denya, Vice Presidente of Afreximbank;
  • José Graziano, Former Director-General of FAO.

João Bosco Monte, Founder and President of IBRAF, will moderate the dialogue.

Watch the first webinar

An urgent issue

With the spread of COVID-19, some of the world’s most fragile and volatile economies are seeing the disarrangement of essential value-chains, such as the agriculture, livestock and food sectors. Countries with low-capacity for disease control face a growing tension between public health and food security, needing to reorganize the supply of nourishment in a time of crisis.

José Graziano

This complex dynamic raises the question of whether these societies are capable of sustaining, in the aftermath of the pandemic, a status of food security, and what can be done in order to avoid a food crisis in the upcoming years.

+ Here is the link to the broadcast: https://youtu.be/YNar6ym4cQI