Ipea promotes research to strengthen ties between both sides of the Atlantic

Relations between Brazil and Africa show great development potential for the Brazilian and African economies. The information is from Ivan Oliveira, director of international studies at the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea). The agency has been conducting research on Brazilian relations with the African continent. The study is done in partnership with the Brazil Africa Institute (IBRAF), also responsible for ATLANTICO. “It was Ipea’s first step in resuming research on Africa,” Oliveira said in an exclusive interview with our team during the Brazil Africa Forum 2019.

“There are great opportunities in the economic partnership, which can bring the Brazil-Africa partnership to a new level of development in both Brazil and the African economies. Which are some of the fastest-growing economies in the world today, ”he adds. According to him, Brazil has lost space in recent years, but the potential of the partnership is very advantageous for the country, and the opportunities are many.

+ During the Brazil Africa 2019 Forum, Ipea promoted a side event called “Challenges for deepening cooperation between Brazil and African countries”.