Libya’s instability could affect neighboring countries, says UN mission military commander in Mali

Experiencing an intense civil war in recent years, Libya’s instability may be affecting neighboring countries. General Dennis Gyllensporre, commander of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Mali (called the Minusma), says it’s important to understand more about the threats in the region.

According to the general, the escalating tension in Libya since June has left neighboring countries on alert. He added that the peace operation in Malian territory will continue to monitor developments in Libya to better understand how threats and insecurity will develop in the coming months.

Possible progress

The commander believes in evolution over the next 12 months in Malian territory, which is also marked by inter-ethnic clashes that lead to the deaths of civilians. According to the general, the signs are promising and the government is committed to making progress in view of the urgency and the need for proactivity in the conflict scenario.

The official also highlighted the commitment of the international community in terms of resource provision and clarity regarding support needs. Portuguese military forces, which are part of the European Union contingent, are the only Lusophone in the field.

According to UN data, Minusma is made up of 12,644 military personnel and is considered one of the most dangerous peacekeeping missions in the world, with 195 casualties since 2013.