M. Dias Branco Group’s VP aims new markets

The leader in Brazil’s pasta and cookies market, the M. Dias Branco group sees Africa as a promising market. “We started exporting about three years ago to African countries. The numbers are not significant yet, but we have identified a very large potential for growth, “says Geraldo Luciano Mattos Junior, Vice President of Investments and Controlling and Investor Relations Officer of the M. Dias Branco group.

He confirmed his participation as a speaker at the Brazil Africa 2019 Forum – Food Security: Path to Economic Growth. The event, which will be held on November 12 and 13 in São Paulo, is a realization of the Brazil Africa Institute (Ibraf), which also publishes ATLANTICO.

“Will be great to hear Geraldo Luciano’s experience and his vision of Africa as an important partner for Brazilian companies,” says João Bosco Monte, president of Ibraf.

M. Dias Branco is the sixth largest company in the world in the pasta category and the seventh largest in the cookie category.

Political Career

By the end of 2019, Geraldo Luciano Mattos Junior should change his position in the M. Dias Branco Group. He will relinquish his position as VP and take a position on the company’s Board of Directors. The information was released by the company itself, in November last year, through a statement to investors. It is speculated that Geraldo Luciano starts a career as a politician.

Vice President of Investments and Controlling and Investor Relations Officer of the M. Dias Branco SA Group, Geraldo Luciano Mattos Junior started his business activities in the economic group to which M. Dias Branco is a member in 1995, in the position of Equatorial Bank’s CFO.

In 2000, he joined M. Dias Branco, acting as Advisor to the Board, a position he held until 2003, when he was appointed Chief Financial Officer. From 1977 to 1995, he was a member of Northeast Bank of Brazil (BNB), where, among others, he served as President’s Advisor, Head of the Capital Market Department and Executive Director of the BNB Employees’ Pension Fund. In 1994, he was assigned to the Government of the State of Ceará, where he served as Chief Financial and Foreign Exchange Officer of the State of Ceará Bank, until 1995.

Graduated in Business Administration from the State University of Ceará – UECE, in 1985, also graduated in Law from Unifor in 1998, and acquired the Master of Business Administration degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Coppead), in 1993. Member of the Board of Directors of the companies Hapvida, Cement Industry Company Apodi and Ceramics Portobello.