Nobel Peace Prize Winner José Ramos-Horta highlights the importance of capacitating youth

Through a video message presented at the opening ceremony of the 6th Forum Brazil Africa, the Former President of East Timor and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, José Ramos Horta, explained the need for more effective investments to enable the empowerment of the youth in Brazil and in the countries of  Africa.

The leader emphasized the importance in focusing on real investments in education, health and food security for families and young people. In his words, “we must give quality opportunities for our youth” so that they can build a better future.

José Ramos Horta also pointed out that the Brazil of dreams, multiracial and inclusive, which welcomes its people with respect, affection and solidarity, is facing great challenges and threats of exclusion and violence. This is the same Brazil that has more than 50% of its population with African origin, great-grandchildren of those that were brought chained, in conditions of slaves, of Africa.

The ex-president concluded his speech by apologizing for his physical absence during such an important event, and reaffirming the commitment of East Timor, the eighth language-speaking country in Asia, to be a bridge of dialogue and cooperation between nations.