Brazil approves a law to facilitate the fight against the New Coronavirus

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro signed on Friday (7) Law 13,979, which deals with the emergency measures to confront the new coronavirus.


The new Brazilian law seeks to protect the community and provides for the adoption of measures such as isolation and quarantine. The Brazilian state may also carry out compulsory medical examinations and treatments, laboratory tests, collection of clinical samples, vaccination and other prophylactic measures that are considered necessary, such as restrictions on the entry and exit of people from the country.


The management of corpses, such as exhumations, autopsies and cremations are also covered by the new legislation. Other exceptional measures, such as the temporary authorization to import products subject to health surveillance without registration by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) – the Brazilian regulatory body.

The law passed today will go into effect as long as the international emergency state for the coronavirus continues. Despite previous efforts, Brazil has not yet confirmed any cases of infection with the new coronavirus.

Individual rights

People affected by the measures described in the new Brazilian law will have the right to receive free treatment and also to be permanently informed about their health status.

Effective public management

Health goods, services and supplies for coping with the disease may be purchased without public bidding. The new rules also facilitate the sharing of data essential to the identification of infected or suspected persons.