Senegal opens Museum of Black Civilizations

In Dakar, capital of Senegal, was inaugurated the Museum of Black Civilizations, part of a new African mission to keep alive the history of African people and their diaspora. The construction of the museum was first discussed in the 1960s and its conclusion was possible with the support of Unesco and the Chinese Government.



In the museum are exhibited displays of the human origins on the continent, its tribes and the diaspora. However, some galleries in the building are still empty and the Senegalese Government hopes to recover artifacts that were stolen during the colonial period. Estimates indicate that 90% of historical artifacts are in collections outside the continent.

Inaugurated officially in December 2018, the museum, which has its form inspired by the huts of villages, has space to receive about 18,000 works. For the president of the museum, its construction strengthens Dakar’s goal of positioning itself as one of the continent’s cultural capitals.

The Museum of Black Civilizations is the first of the new to be inaugurated on the continent. In addition to Senegal, there are also projects under development in Nigeria and Benin.