Tahrir Square, the new open-air museum in Egypt

It is a fact that the government of Egypt is investing heavily in tourism and part of this is linked to the development of historic tourism in Cairo.


One of the bets of the local government to attract tourists is Tahrir Square, the largest public square in the city. Symbol of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, the square was the stage for the protests of the population that overthrew the regime of ex-president Hosni Mubarak, in power for over 30 years.

After a renovation, the place should function as an extension of the Egyptian Museum, which works there. Among the new attractions are several pieces found at archaeological sites in the interior of the country, such as four ram-headed sphinxes and an obelisk from the time of Ramses II, 17 meters high and 90 tons.

The new Tahrir Square will also have plants that were common in the region in the Pharaonic era, such as date palms, fig-trees, and carob trees. The large obelisk – which existed before the intervention – will now be surrounded by artificial waterfalls.

A great choice for those who want to return to Egypt or enjoy the trip to the country for the first time.