The Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce achieves positive results from the Brazil-Egypt Economic Forum

The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce was honored during a dinner at the World Company Award Ceremony (Woca), organized by the Global Council of Sales Marketing (GCSM). The tribute took place during the course of the activities at the Brazil Egypt Economic Forum that took place on the twenty-second of this month in Cairo.

“It is very meaningful. That tribute honored my name, but in fact, it was for the entire Chamber of Commerce and all of its collaborators”, celebrates Rubens Hannun, president of the entity. The Woca award recognized the efforts of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in strengthening trade relations between Brazil and Egypt.

The Woca also honored other representatives from Brazilian entities and from other countries as well. Wilson Ferreira Junior, the president of Eletrobrás, the ambassador of Brazil to Egypt, Ruy Pacheco de Azevedo Amaral, and Sahar Nasr, the minister of Investments and International Cooperation also received tributes.

The meeting took place at a time when a free-trade agreement has been in effect for two years and bilateral business deals have registered great leaps and bounds. Exportations from Egypt to Brazil, for example, have increased 100% in volume and 80% in values in the first five months of this year compared to the same period from 2018, according to information from the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.

An important meeting  

Sahar Nasr, the Egyptian minister of Investments and International Cooperation, met with Rubens Hannun, the president of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, and Tamer Mansour, the head secretary of the institution. 

“She stated that they were modifying the Law on Investments in Egypt so that processes would be facilitated and streamlined. The Chamber of Commerce translated that Law and started promoting it thereafter. I told them how we did this in our seminars here in Brazil, the Mercosur trade agreement, and the progress in our trade relations in just the past two years.” stated Hannun.

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Business leaders from twenty-two Brazilian companies participated in a meeting with the Egyptian minister.  Mohab Mamish, the president of the Authority of the Suez Canal, the executive vice-president of the General Authority for the Free Zones and Investments (Gafi) from Egypt, Emad El Sewedy, the co-president of the Brazil-Egypt Business Council were among the Egyptian authorities who attended.

New business opportunities 

The Brazil Egypt Economic Forum included presentations on investment opportunities in Egypt. Tamer Mansour, the head secretary of the Arab Chamber of Commerce was responsible for one of the presentations. “We speak in terms of beginning win-win partnerships beginning in Brazil and ending in Egypt and vice-versa. There was also a presentation on the very famous Free Economic Zone of the Suez Canal and is expected to provide and could possibly be the trade hub for Brazilian products, especially in the sector of food security”, she emphasized.

Hannun (2nd from right to the left)

The president of the Arab Chamber of Commerce considers the positive results from the trip to Egypt. “It was a milestone. First because there was a high level of the business leaders in the delegation”, he states. “Brazilians are very interested in increasing their understanding of Egypt and gained great respect for the current scenario of the country’s economy and they are extremely enthused in continuing that relationship and fostering it more and more. It was very beneficial’, concluded, Hannun.

Informations from the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce