The Ceará Organic Food Festival, an International food culture hub

Ceará has become consolidated as a great Brazilian food culture hub. There are over a dozen options of gastronomy schools, including public and private universities as well as technical courses in Brazil. The local government runs them, the “Escola de Gastronomia Social” (Social Gastronomy School) inaugurated in 2018. The “Observatório Cearense da Cultura Alimentar” (The Ceará State Food Culture Observatory) (OCCA) is also in this state that has reunited chefs and researchers. The Ceará Organic Food Festival will also take place during this event. It is an event that intends to unite representatives from the entire local productive food chain producing foodstuffs.

It is an unprecedented event in Brazil. The organizers intend to unite entrepreneurs, kitchen chefs, agriculturists, researchers, and consumers in a single location. “It will be the first meeting, including an entrepreneur who exports some product to small agriculturists. We also wish to join those who package and transport goods, and those who support public policies and some leaders”, lauds Adalberto Alencar, director of Cepema (Popular Education Center Defending the Environment), who is the organizer of the event.

The three days scheduling includes scientific works, an agro-ecological and handicraft tradeshow, musical and artistic presentations, and a gastronomical festival. Around 500 people are expected. Half of the people attending will be made up by small-family farmers. These people wish to listen and learn more about the experiences from Brazil and other countries as well, Sweden, Bolivia, France, and Uruguay.

“We need healthier foods to achieve a healthier planet. It is not an issue on an economic level. We are speaking about excessive consumption of carbohydrates, salt, and animal protein”, states Alencar.

Global Agenda

Poor eating habits are responsible for more deaths than any other risk factor, including smoking. Around 11 million people die every year due to poor eating habits, according to a study performed in 195 countries and published this year in April by researchers from the University of Washington.

Focus on Small Family Farming 

Food security is also one of the themes of the 2019 Brazil Africa Forum that will take place on November 12 and 13 in São Paulo. Agriculture 4.0, the Green Revolution regarding rational water usage and agricultural productivity will be discussed during the events. 

  • The Ceará Organic Food Festival will take place from September 25 to 28 in Fortaleza. The event will also hold special scheduling on the “Maciço de Baturité” (Baturite region) from September 20 to 23.