Guinea Bissau opens a Consulate in São Paulo

Luís Fernando Del Valle, representative of the Consulate of Guinea Bissau in Brazil.

The Government of the Republic of Guinea Bissau will open an honorary consular representation in São Paulo. Mr. Luís Fernando Del Valle will be the representative at the consulate, who is already the current president of the Honorary Consul Association in Brazil, an entity that has been operating in Brazil for over 38 years in Brazil and reunites a great number of Honorary Consuls all over Brazil.

The Guinea Bissau embassy in Brazil published a notification on the importance and representativeness in opening the consulate in the country, emphasizing the historical and cultural relations between Guinea Bissau and Brazil since the colonial period and having increasingly put them into practice by means of cooperation between these two counties.

“The purpose of installing this honorary consulate is to immediately care for the Guinean community who reside in the city of São Paulo, as well as provide immediate support and information to Brazilians who wish to adventure to new horizons in Portuguese speaking Africa”.

The consulates provide services to compatriots and foreigners who reside in that country, such as the issuance of documents, passports, visas, and birth certificates, hence the importance of such representations in any country establishing diplomatic relations with the rest of the world.

The Guinea Bissau Consulate in São Paulo will operate at Rua Haddock Lobo 578, 10º Andar (10th floor), Sl 101 – São Paulo- São Paulo, CEP (Postal Code) 01414-000, Tel 11-3284.2100.

Mohamed Elkhatib, Head of the Egyptian Commercial Office at Egyptian Embassy in Brazil (left), with Luís Fernando Del Valle

Luís Fernando Del Valle, during the opening ceremony