“Trilateral cooperation is the path to development,” according to IBRAF economist

The Brazil Africa Institute (IBRAF) economist Igor Lucena points to trilateral collaboration as one of the means to advance Africa’s development. “We are working in a trilateral way that unites governments, of course, but here we have entrepreneurs, the private sector and also international institutions that together create a bond that helps economies develop more internationally.” He believes that by creating new opportunities African countries will be able to develop and thus achieve food security. The economist highlights the importance of events such as the Brazil Africa Forum to stimulate discussions about the opportunities of the African continent.

“To develop food security, we need to bring a good structure to countries, we need to give companies incentives to go to countries and invest.” Research around the African economy points to promising results, he said, seeing Africa as all, many opportunities.

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Regarding the specific link between Brazil and Africa, he points to similarities as a starting point for closer relations. “Brazil should be more in touch with Africa to help create solutions to its problems based on our experience. So we can grow together as a global economy, ”he says.