Ulrich Sabel-Koschella: Collaboration is essential for development in Africa

“Collaboration and knowledge exchange is the determining factor for accelerating development in Africa.” That’s what Ulrich Sabel-Koschella, head of the agricultural value chains at GIZ, Germany’s cooperation agency, says. In an interview with ATLANTICO, he talked about the partnership between Germany, Brazil, and Ghana to strengthen the cashew sector in the African country. The project was presented during a workshop at the Brazil Africa Forum 2019. In addition, Sabel-Koschella commented on South-South cooperation and how agriculture can contribute to the economic development of African countries.

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“We already have some years of experience in trilateral cooperation between Brazil, Ghana, and Germany. In addition, GIZ is also working in Brazil and has increasingly focused on supporting partner countries in South-South cooperation, and has been using its expertise to transfer knowledge from one country to another to accelerate development. particularly from African countries, ”says Ulrich.

Sabel-Koschella also spoke about the company’s work in different sectors, “At GIZ in general, we are working in over 120 countries. We also have partnerships in Brazil, but mainly focusing on Africa and developing African countries. We have a wide range of development programs ranging from the rural sector to health, administrative, finance and education, ”he said. The company currently has agriculture programs in 22 African countries.

In collaboration with Embrapa (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation) and ABC (Brazilian Cooperation Agency), the company promoted the workshop “German-Brazilian Cooperation for Africa – Cashew and beyond”, where was discussed the current partnership between the countries, and opportunities for the future of the industry in Ghana.

With the collaboration of Wandiswa Ntengento