Winds for future: the ocean, an inspiration for sustainable businesses

Brazil features a 7,367 km coastline, bathed on the east by the Atlantic Ocean. Brazilian settlements throughout five centuries have prioritized the seacoast territories, whereas the largest concentration of Brazilian population is concentrated. Thus, this view focused on the ocean-inspired Winds For Future (W4F), an initiative intending to unite innovation, technology, and sustainability.

“The event was conceived to foster the development of our innovation and technological system. And we do not wish to host just a commonplace event. For that reason, we sought inspiration from our vocations. Thus, we harnessed the potential of kite-surfing and also observed how the new generations want to innovate and create things based on sustainability and provide quality to our lives” confirmed Igor Ary Juaçaba, the visionary who conceived this initiative.

“Praia do Cumbuco” (Cumbuco Beach), along the Ceará State seacoast, was selected for hosting the W4F Summit 2019 event, the first major large-scale event of this type. One thousand five hundred people are expected to attend, and the event features 40 speakers from various regions of Brazil who will introduce success cases on the positive impact derived from innovation and technology. There will be a hackathon intending to launch solutions for mitigating environmental, two thematic parties, and 70 exhibitors from small startups and large companies.

“We have already witnessed the nature for impelling the positive impact within our enterprising communities, and thus, we have introduced this to the event. For that reason, we have chosen the slogan, “Tech for good,” explains Juaçaba.

The event schedule features an event including 750 kite-surfers, as they are going to surf jointly to attract attention to environmental problems. The athletes will break a world record – that was when 423 people surfed at an event in southern England.

Ceará: Nature and technology

There are perfect conditions for practicing sailing sports for 9 months of the year, as the Ceará State beaches attract athletes and digital nomads from all over the planet. Ceará is currently, the north-eastern state attracting the largest number of startups. Fortaleza, the capital city, is the second-most connected city in the world served by 13 underwater fiber-optic cables.