Fruticultura é o caminho para o desenvolvimento, aponta presidente da Abrafrutas

Fruit growing can be a way of generating a lot of jobs and income for both Brazilians and Africans. The statement is from Roberto Barcelos, president of Abrafrutas – Brazilian Association of Fruit and Derivative Exporting Producers.

In an exclusive interview with ATLANTICO reporter Emanuel Macêdo, given during the Brazil Africa Forum 2019, Roberto Barcelos spoke about the opportunities in South-South cooperation and the similarities between Brazil and Africa, and of course about the potential of agriculture to economic development.

“It’s a big potential that we have to explore more and more. Thinking about having a cultural, commercial relationship at all levels, ” he said when asked about Brazil’s relationship with the African continent. “There are many similar things that we can work to develop together,” he adds.

In the interview, he also pointed out the importance of sustainable water use. “Our aim is to show that sustainable use of this important natural resource can also serve as a development for those regions that need it most.” During the Brazil Africa 2019 Forum, which took place in São Paulo on November 12 and 13, Roberto Barcelos participated as a panelist of the session “Rethinking water use for enhanced prosperity”.

Watch the full interview.