O futuro das relações entre Brasil e África é promissor, segundo Hamilton Mourão

“Relations with Africa are and will be a priority for Brazil and Brazilians,” said Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourão during the opening ceremony of the Brazil Africa 2019 Forum. He also said that the Brazilian Government is organizing its first official visit to the African continent, which will be held in March 2020.

In his speech, the vice president stated that the Brazilian government has sought to act in a “flexible” and “pragmatic” manner. “We are experiencing a time of geopolitical transition with the resurgence of China as the main trading partner for both Brazil and Africa,” he exemplifies.

The Brazilian vice president reinforced Brazil’s role in areas of agricultural research. He noted that in 40 years, the country has increased productivity by more than 400% and noted that the weather conditions in Brazil and some African countries are similar, which may facilitate bilateral negotiations. “Brazil currently feeds approximately 1 billion people worldwide. It is possible to share our best practices with the African countries, thus mainly relying on school feeding programs. ”

“Brazil is carrying out the most important set of reforms among developing countries”

Mourão also recalled Brazil’s leading role in the security of the South Atlantic, where the country participates in various actions, such as combating piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. Paraphrasing the Africanist Alberto da Costa e Silva, Hamilton Mourão called the Atlantic Ocean a “river” that unites Brazil and Africa. “The African continent is culturally plural. 21st century Africa is an emerging economic and political hub and Brazil wants to contribute to its development and success,” he said.

Brazil’s Vice President closed his speech detailing a little bit the objectives of the next year’s trip. “I will take this opportunity to strengthen our relations of friendship. Our unifying element consists of creating a stable environment for the continuous growth of the African continent, in a win-win relation.”

A new moment of Brazil

During his speech, Vice President Hamilton Mourão also tried to draw the attention of foreigners present by showing that from the moment of optimism that Brazil currently lives.

He criticized previous governments, which “sunk the country in a crisis” and praised the move made by the government of which it is part. Decreasing the size of the state and ending excessive regulation are some of the overall goals of the Brazilian government at this time. He also recalled the pension reform, already approved by the Congress and others that are under discussion. “Brazil is carrying out the most important set of reforms among developing countries,” he says.

+ The Brazil Africa Forum takes place in São Paulo. The event features the main theme “Food Security: Road to Economic Growth”. In addition to the vice president of Brazil, about 300 representatives from governments, the private sector, academia and potential investors participate in the event.