ODS: Tang Shengyao, da FAO fala sobre o papel da Cooperação Sul-Sul

Tang Shengyao, director of FAO‘s Office of South-South and Triangular Cooperation, spoke in an interview with ATLANTICO about collaborative strategies for achieving the UN agenda 2030 goals. The plan outlines the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – divided into 169 goals – to eradicate poverty and promote decent living for all within the planet. He also highlighted Brazil’s role in the context of South-South Cooperation.

The interview was given within the Brazil Africa Forum 2019. This was the first time Tang Shengyao has participated in the event, which he says considers a place for “learning from other partners about innovative forms of cooperation“. The FAO’s director emphasized the importance of understanding the experiences of African governments themselves about the situation in their respective countries. In addition, he pointed to the results of South-South cooperation, giving as an example the incentive granted by countries such as China and Brazil to support other developing countries.

During the Brazil Africa Forum 2019, he participated in the session “Agriculture 4.0 – Cultivating the Green Revolution”, which discussed how new technologies can improve agricultural production by mapping their challenges and opportunities.