Comics and videogame characters from seven studios across the continent will have their work shown at the exhibition. “Superheroes: Comics and Video Games from Africa” (“Super-heróis: Banda Desenhada e Videojogos de África” in Portuguese) in Mozambique.

The exhibition will include works produced by Studios Africa -Leti Arts (Ghana), Comic Republic (Nigeria), Spoof Animation (Nigeria), Sigma Digital (Zimbabwe), CCX (Zimbabwe), Bill Masuku (Zimbabwe) and Black Hut (Zambia).

According to the organizers, the exhibition will contribute to a critical reflection on the theme within the context of new narratives about Africa and movements such as “Afro-Futurism”.

In recent years the theme has been a hit around the world with millionaire franchises in the entertainment industry. On the African continent, the market has been expanding and gaining strength. The originality and search around the world for black representativeness taking into consideration the African diaspora would be contributing to the phenomenon.

The exhibition will be open to the public from October 22 to November 29 at Camões – Portuguese Cultural Center in Maputo, Mozambique.