Agrishow 2019 expects to exceed R$ 2.9 billion in business deals

The city of Ribeirão Preto, in the inner state region of São Paulo State, is preparing to host the 26th edition of Agrishow, considered as the largest agricultural technology tradeshow in Latin America. The event intends to unite over 150 thousand visitors from Brazil and other countries from April 29th to May 3rd.

In 2018, the tradeshow transacted R$ 2.7 billion (around US$700 million dollars) in business deals. The organizers expect to exceed that sum by at least 8% this year, in spite of the slow recovery of the Brazilian economy. “Overall, the scenario is very positive. Prices are good; there is a good demand for commodities; and farmers are producing quite well throughout the entire country, except for some regions”, explains Francisco Matturro, president of Agrishowag.

Edição 2018. Foto:Governo do Estado de São Paulo

Over 800 domestic and international brands will participate in the event introducing new trends and technologies related to agricultural inputs, products, equipment, and services focused on rural growers. Traditionally, globally-known brands utilize Agrishow to launch agricultural machines, equipment, and inputs.

This year’s edition will be split into four thematic areas: demonstrations, know-how, innovation, and handcrafted growers. In the Demonstration Arena, the visitors will be able to get in touch with new technologies and, especially, get the opportunity to see special treatment in crop areas and produce growing.

In the Know-how Arena, there will be a stage for presentations, lectures, and forums. Then, in the handcrafted growers’ arena, there will be coffee, cachaça (Brazilian brandy made from sugarcane), sweets, and encased meats.

One of the new great innovations is the Innovation Arena featuring ten startups linked to agribusiness, focused on crop field connectivity, launching new projects, and solutions for this segment.

African participation

The 20th International Business Roundtable will also take place during Agrishow.  This initiative intends to aid Brazilian growers to get in touch with foreign buyers.

The business meetings will take place from April 30th to May 2nd. Three African countries are being targeted by foreign investors. Companies from South Africa, Ethiopia, and Nigeria have already been prospected and are participating in the Business Roundtable.

Agrishow 2019 is an initiative from the core entities of Brazilian agricultural segment. The Brazilian Agribusiness Association (Abag), the Brazilian Machinery and Builders’ Association (Abimaq), the National Association for Fertilizer Diffusion (Anda), São Paulo State Agriculture and Livestock Federation (Faesp), and SRB (Brazilian Rural Society) are among some of them.