Green economy: Fortaleza hosts the ministerial meeting conference of the Americas

Uncontrolled growth of countless industries has caused irreversible damage to the environment, such as global warming, pollution, and deforestation. Thus, discussing sustainable development must be one of the main goals of leaders in the XXI century. That is the objective of the World Green Economy Organization (WGEO) that will hold, in five regions around the planet, the Regional Ministerial Meeting Conference on Green Economy. The city of Fortaleza will host the meeting of the Americas region, from June 24th to 26th.

The ministerial meeting conference is an extension of the World Green Economy Summit (WGES), as this year it has reached its 6th edition and will take place in Dubai, from October 20th to 21st. Besides the World Green Economy Organization, the regional conferences are supported by the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC). The Americas’ conference is co-organized by the Brazil Africa Institute and supported by the State Government of Ceará.

Edem Bakhshish at the World Green Economy Summit (Photo: WGES)

Edem Bakhshish, who is the Chief of the Arab States, Eastern Europe & CIS Division at UNOSSC, said these conferences will not be focused on problems, but on solutions. Thus, he hopes to discuss terms related to the green economy focused on the specific needs of each one of the regions.

“We expect the attendance of ministers of the environment, economy, and from other authorities to empower the discussions. The discussions will be focused on three specific areas: innovations for green economy, capacitated development for green economy actions, and most importantly, creation of a legal environment for transition for green economy,” he explained.

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In parallel to the first event, an executive training on Green Economy will also take place at the conference. The ministerial meeting conference for Africa will take place in Cairo, Egypt, from June 17th to 19th. The other meetings will also take place in the regions of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia/Pacific. Representatives from Brazil, Argentina, Barbados, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guyana, Mexico and Panama have already confirmed presence for the Americas Regional Ministerial Meeting Conference on Green Economy

What is green economy

The green economy is a set of practices that seeks to combine development and sustainability, that is, to maintain growth rhythms, but also to prioritize social well-being and reduce environmental risks.

The World Green Economy Organization

The organization is an initiative of the United Arab Emirates, partnering with the United Nations Development Program, and for “serving as an international platform dedicated to facilitating partnerships with public and private sectors, promoting international cooperation, and sharing knowledge to promote increased adoption of the green economy.”The Americas Regional Ministerial Meeting Conference on Green Economy

The event will take place at the “Centro de Eventos do Ceará”, between June 24th and 26th

Photos: WGES