OEC, the new name of the Odebrecht construction company

OEC is the new name of the former “Construtora Odebrecht”, the main brand of the group of the same name. The new identity is followed by the descriptive “Odebrecht Engenharia e Construção” (Engineering and Construction), which defines the company’s business segment. A new visual identity was developed with the support of KeenWork Design and brings the colors green, blue and gray.

According to Luis Castellari, head of Creation and Strategy of KeenWork, the new visual identity was the result of more than a year of work in partnership with the OEC communication team. “We listened to more than 30 company executives around the world, held workshops with the new generations of young leaders and also talked with clients and strategic audiences to come up with a brand that symbolized the union of engineering with confidence in people’s capacity to develop, which is in the DNA of the company,” explains Castellari.

Alongside with the new brand, the company starts an advertising campaign that presents its new moment. “The campaign is an invitation for all interested parties to follow this process of learning and reconstruction,” says Rodrigo Vilar, manager of Institutional Marketing at OEC.

Completing 75 years in 2019, OEC was responsible for the execution of more than 2,500 large-scale projects such as hydroelectric, thermal and nuclear power plants, as well as bridges, viaducts, tunnels, subways, and urban trains, airports, ports, railways, and works industries. Currently, the company is present in 16 countries, employs more than 20 thousand workers of different nationalities, in about twenty works for public and private clients.

Brand Repositioning

The change is part of a strong strategy of brand repositioning the company, which has adopted in recent years some measures of corporate governance, such as a new compliance system, the incorporation of independent directors, the updating and adoption of new policies and guidelines and a new process of succession beyond the beginning of its financial restructuring.

“It was an intense walk that allowed us to begin a process of reconstruction of confidence and whose results are already appearing,” says OEC president Fabio Januário.

Project in Angola

Among the works of the OEC underway are the modernization of the port of Miami, the construction of a subway extension in Panama City, the Punta Catalina thermal power plant in the Dominican Republic and the Lauca hydroelectric plant in Angola.

The enterprise will account for 40% of all water production in the Northern System of Angola. The work must be completed by the end of 2020. Four of the seven generating units are already in operation.

Works of the Lauca dam in Angola (Photo: OEC)