São Paulo and Salvador receive the first forum on black travelers

“When an Afro-descendant goes to Africa is different, it’s like he’s going home.” This is how Tati Isler defines it. She is the founder of TI Communications, the company that represents the South African tourism in Latin America, who together with the Department of Tourism of South Africa organizes the first forum “The Black Traveler of Brazil”, which happens in São Paulo and Salvador on July 23 and 25, respectively.

With the theme “Reconnections Through Tourism”, the forum will have debates and reflections on the possibilities that the Brazilian afro-descendant has to “reconnect” with its roots in the African continent by tourism. “Our intention is to bring these discussions and create connections at all levels. South Africa has all this potential for knowledge and integration,” says Isler.

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The event is free and will be divided into four panels, which will focus on themes such as “Tourism and Ethnic-Racial Relations”, “Tourism and Afrocentric Experience in Brazil”, “South Africa and Its Attractions”, and “What is South Africa to You? “

The choice of two cities to host the event was precisely defined in order to further expand the discussion on the impacts of afro-descendant tourism to Africa. São Paulo as the largest metropolis in Latin America and Salvador as one of the main representatives of African culture in Brazil.

The registrations must be made through this link to São Paulo and from this to Salvador.