Standard Bank and investment attraction for Africa, according to Natália Dias

Headquartered in South Africa, Standard Bank has a mission: to bring more investors to the African continent. Natalia Dia, CEO of Standard Bank in Brazil, spoke with ATLANTICO about the bank’s presence in the major financial markets and how multinationals are attracted to Africa. She also talked about the private sector incentive and the bank’s role in this scenario.

According to her, the bank offers to finance in partnerships with large tradings, which market the production and monitor the crops of small and medium farmers.

Natalia Dias emphasizes that she believes in South-South cooperation, and says that the bank is a true BRICS bank, as it works with all the countries in the group. During the Brazil Africa Forum 2019, she participated in the session “Democratization of Agribusiness: Filling the Potential between the Two Regions”, where aspects of financing and cooperation for agriculture in Africa were discussed.

With the collaboration of Wandiswa Ntengento