The Luanda Biennial seeks to promote peace on the African continent

The Luanda Biennial will take place from September 18 to 22, and the government of Angola, the African Union, and UNESCO organized the event. It seeks to develop and consolidate a peaceful and non-violent culture and trigger a pan-African movement for promoting cultural diversity and the African unit.

The I Luanda Biennial event – the Pan-African Forum for the Culture of Peace is scheduled to take place from September 19 to 22 to unite representatives from the government, civil society, members of the artistic and scientific communities, academic institutions, and international organizations. 

The activities and discussions are divided into four main themes that will take place in different spaces around the capital city of the country. The first is a “Forum on Ideas and Youth,” promoting the dissemination of good practices and solutions for the prevention, management, and mitigation of conflicts. The second is on a “Festival of Cultures,” whereas the African countries and diaspora will be on stage to show their cultural diversity and capacity for resilience to conflicts and violence. The third topic is focused on the “Alliance of Cultures and Sports for Peace,” gathering cultural, sporting, and international music events focused on promoting peace. The fourth theme is focused on building an “Alliance of Partners for the Culture of Peace in Africa”, seeking to mobilize resources and partnerships for carrying out projects and larger-scale initiatives that have proven to be successful on the African continent.

The first edition of the Luanda Biennial – Pan-African Forum for the Culture of Peace, will unite 16 African countries. Egypt, Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Mali, Nigeria, Cape Verde, Republic of Congo, RDC, Namibia, South Africa, Brazil, and Italy have already confirmed their attendance at the Luanda Biennial. The organizers expect to get 600 international participants.

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Carolina Cerqueira

According to Carolina Cerqueira, the minister of state for the Social Sector of Angola, the Biannual is going to promote the image of Africa as the birthplace of humanity and its contribution to world peace, friendship, and fraternity among the people from the most diverse latitudes.

The choice of Luanda as the headquarters for the Biannual was the consequence from a discussion that started during the Pan-African Forum: sources and Resources for a Culture of Peace that took place in March 2013, in the Angolan capital city.

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