Brazil hosts the World Coffee Producer Forum

Brazil is going to host the World Coffee Producer Forum (WCPF) for the first time. The Event will take place from July 10 to 11, in the city of Campinas, São Paulo State. The event is taking place in a scenario when prices are dropping on the international market.

The event was created in 2017, and it is a favorable environment for discussing the agenda of grain producers, to guarantee sustainability in the sector, including 25 million families around the world.

Currently, the sector is facing countless challenges, such as economic sustainability of producers at the productivity level of crops and price volatility on international markets. Besides that, there is a forecast for the demand to exceed 50 million sacks of coffee in the next fifteen years.

“The entire supply chain, from the farm to the coffee cup, will continue facing a great number of challenges in coffee plantation production. The only way to overcome those challenges is by constructive cooperation among all links in the chain”, commented Silas Brasileiro, from the Brazilian National Coffee Council.

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Initiatives will also be discussed during the event to increase coffee consumption in the world. Brazil is a reference in the sector, as coffee consumption increases by 3.5% per year. in the country. Brazil is also responsible for 16% of global consumption.

Impressive statistics

Brazil is also the largest producer and the biggest coffee exporter in the world. Exportations reached 34 million sacks in the last harvest, according to the Brazilian Coffee Exporter Council (Cecafé). The volume was 30.4% greater than the previous harvest. Thirteen million sacks have been exported already in 2019. That is the best statistic in the past five years.

Special varieties of quality coffee are responsible for achieving such good results. 2.5 million sacks of coffee were shipped from January to April, and that represents a 43.4% increase compared to the same period from the previous year.

USA, Germany, and Japan are the main consumers of special varieties of coffee produced in Brazil.

Jeffrey D. Sachs, an American economist, is one of the guests attending the WCPF. He is going to give a lecture on an Economic Analysis study for improving yields among small coffee growers.

Great expectations

The first edition of WCPF was held in July 2017, in Medellin, Columbia. “The first forum fostered the awareness and interest of interested parties in guaranteeing the economic sustainability of coffee growers throughout the world and finding ways to provide a sustainable value chain from the grower to the coffee cup. The second Forum will take that discussion to the next level,” expects Juan Esteban Orduz, from the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Columbia.